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WE’RE HOME! The tour was incredible, and I’m so proud of the girls and what we’ve managed to make happen over the last month!  22 consecutive dates and we loved every one – you totally smashed this tour for us. Thank you! They say this kind of thing can’t be done, but it’s just the kind of long tour we love.  Here’s to many more!  It’s kind of sad to be back home now, and there is a bit of readjusting to be done, but what an astounding welcome back with our final date in London! You totally rocked the house, there and at all the shows.  It’s been so great to meet so many new people, and to see our nearest and dearest out on the road, sometimes for many nights running. Sending huge love to our road family.  We really are surrounded by the best people, so a gigantic THANK YOU #TeamRazorsRule! Massive kudos to our official photographer Jeroen Jacobs who’s been hijacking our social media to share out incredible photos on The Kut pages throughout the tour. This dude rocks and please do follow the links in the albums and follow him on social media.  Also big love to Jayke Turl who joined us for about half of the tour, on stage and off – a total legend. We were gutted when he had to head back for shows with his band, The Smokin Prophets (they are awesome by the way! Check them out), and our plan B was no longer an option – but you know what, he told me it would work out, and that we would be ok, and he was totally right. Thanks for everything Jayke!  Also a big shout out to G, who has been touring with us for over a year now, but had to head back mid tour.  It’s been a blast you guys.  We couldn’t ever expect how full on but epic the last month has been, but it’s also been amazing in every way. The reactions we’ve been hearing, reading and seeing the whole time have been epic and made it all worth the pure intensity of such a long tour – make no mistake, sometimes it’s grueling – but your support at the shows and for the album were truly humbling and it was super cool to keep seeing all the great reviews, features and radio support too.  Big love to everyone who has been spurring us on, at the shows and online.  It’s been perfect to party across the UK with you, and celebrate what could only have been a dream a couple of months ago – to have the Valley of Thorns, the debut album hit the Top 10 UK Rock Charts. So much love to everyone who has been supporting us, including when I incurred costs of over £2500 to arrange transport plus trailer for the rest of the dates.  You really saved the day!  The first couple of days with the trailer and the new motor were insane, including an extra 7 hour detour to go pick them up, but a few days in and you’ve probably not seen 4 people work like clockwork doing load ins / outs.  Your Paypal donations have been softening the blow so much – thank you so much! Whether we can keep the motor for the upcoming shows remains to be seen, but it’s seen us through the tour. We’ve pretty much killed the trailer, but it’s served its purpose. We asked for help and you helped. Thank you!

Thank you to Jeroen Jacobs for these amazing photos

Big shout outs to everyone who came to check out our tour, bought our merch or spurred us on with the shows online, to all the venues, promoters and of course to Rebellion Festival, who sorted us a great run of shows. The shows rocked, thanks to all of your support. Big up Zoltan Kiss who designed the tour art and the new t-shirt for the road. Love his work so much! Thank you Zol.  Also a shout out to Rob K who made our jackets and gave us a few to take out to the shows. He’s been such a legend helping us to get them out for the Pledge Music campaign too.  Big love to all the exciting bands and solo artists who joined us at each of the shows, to all the engineers and lighting engineers who made it all go on the night.. to everyone who put us up, welcomed us, looked after us, fed us, watered us, hung out with us, spread the word, photographed us, filmed us, interviewed us, played us on the radio, even recorded us <3 I’d also like to thank Skiddle for being our official ticketing partner and helping us to spread the word on the tour. Special thanks goes out to Marshall Amplification, Vocalzone and Boss Pedals who made the whole thing sound exactly as it should.

I’ve said it before, but it’s been a privilege to share the stage with two incredibly talented and driven musicians every night – both absolute professionals that just happen to be 2 awesome ladies. Maximum respect. This is the 5th full tour we’ve rocked together Diana… UK Summer 2016, Germany Winter 2016, Spring Six Countries Tour 2017, UK Summer 2017, UK Summer 2018!  Our second full UK Tour together Stella. Good times and here’s to many more!  Big shout outs to Diana Bartmann and Stella Vie.  Love you both ladies! You smashed it!

It’s been an exciting 2018 so far and we’d like to thank YOU for all your support. YOU SMASHED IT!  Sign up here for all our forthcoming news >> Thank you for stopping by! P.S. Please include your name on the sign up form, otherwise our server thinks it’s spam.