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For yourself or as a gift – this is a custom song about whatever you want.


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I’ll record a custom song based on your choices and the information you give. Give more details in the ‘Order Notes’ box, when it comes to payment.  Let me know what you want this song to be about, is it about you? an experience you’ve had? an occasion? something you feel strongly about? Include the back story, any key words and concepts, moods and tempo descriptions and I’ll get started.  The song will be sent to you as a WAV file once it’s complete – just give me a little time to write it and record it.  It will be home recorded with guitar and vocals, and sent to you via email.  Please bear in mind writing songs is an artistic process, and this song will be written in the style of my other material.  Maybe I would even add it to a future set or release.  All custom songs are copyright and owned by myself, aka The Kut, and this does not give the purchaser a part in the ownership of the song, or the right to use or sell the song.  To speak to me about writing a song for an artist or band to use, or for a production please email me.  * Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject certain topics *  Thank you so much for the support xx

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Slow, Mid Tempo, Upbeat


Positive, Neutral, Negative, Angry