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1. Valentine | 2. Life Is Like A Cigarette | 3. You Burn Me | 4. Cherry Red | 5. Johnny Break My Heart | 6. I’m A Waster | 7. Sick | 8. Wise Men & Fools

The RAW (Demos) EP is a limited edition DEMO – very much a non official release, and features 8 unheard demos – 100% raw.   Even the band hadn’t heard a lot of these when I put out this EP – so it’s material that won’t be appearing on our forthcoming debut.  The plan is eventually to raise funds and record maybe one or two of these with the band and our producer, perhaps for a second album – let me know which!  As it stands, they are in various states of un-done.  I recorded these tracks between my flat and my rehearsal space, so you get to hear my home recorded drums, bass and even the odd bit of piano.   At the moment, it is all been about working up to the debut album though, and aside from these demos, there are also lots of new tracks in the making (a few of them you might of heard on tour).  Still, to avoid a repeat of 2011-2014 (where we were waiting on Warner USA and not releasing any new music), I hope that this limited edition CD will tide our nearest and dearest over until the time comes.  These demo tracks are just raw, and have a real bedroom feel. The songs themselves remind me a lot of the vibe on our Unplugged Tour in 2012 though, which I really loved, or the Bedroom Sessions that I used to do on YouTube.  There’s only 100 copies available, in two designs, although the Possessed Eyes design is now sold out (THANK YOU)!! There are still a limited number of the Pink Eyes cover.  I really hope that these can fall into the right hands, rather than the hands of the extortionists that re-sell our promos on eBay. There is no digital release for this EP.  Big love to you, and I really hope you like these rough tracks, Maha xxx