Latest News For 2014:

Happy new year! It’s been a while since we did a proper site overhaul but here it is! Hurray!

2013 was our biggest year ever and thank you to everyone who supported us in the MTV Brand New Poll and got us into the winning spots. We couldn’t thank you all enough.

The big news for us in the past few weeks has been the single though, and we have a brand new video. We are thrilled to say that it has been playlisted on Scuzz in the UK! It’s also being played by Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio and has been featured on BBC Introducing in Lancashire thanks to Sean McGinty and Oxford thanks to Dave Gilyeat. This year couldn’t have kicked off in a better way. In Europe, Putpat TV have also added the video, for viewing in Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

We hope you like it!

Latest News For 2013:

Happy new year! We thought it was about time we did an update on the site here.  First off, thank so much for all the overwhelming support of late.  We’ve been really lucky to have had a great leap forward since the release of our Closure video.

Our first ever sold out show on 18th June 2011 @ The Garage, seemed to be a big turning point for us.  Since then, for the first time ever our UK tour, The Love Hate Vampire Shotgun Circus Tour, was sold out by the time we hit November!  It was a great atmosphere in the smaller venues and it was such a great feeling to get back out on the road.


100 Soviet gas masks..!

But even then, we didn’t know we would end up on the featured playlist of NME TV’s Radar list, on Sub TV’s playlist and Tuune’s Playlist – so we celebrated by taking along 100 soviet gas masks to a gig and filming what would be our next music video with a close crowd. What a night! It made it even sweeter that Zane Lowe shouted us out for it too, epic!

 Our video was also picked out of over 50 entries for the the Indie Bands Across The Globe feature on the Bongo Boy Rock’n'Roll show, which was picked by 5 Cable TV channels and was broadcast in NYC!

Bongo Boy's Rock n Roll show!

Princess MahaWhen we opened 2012 as Music Week ‘ones to watch’ we were on a high, and on a whim entered the Hard Rock Calling Competition!  After the national votewe were in the top 9, and got through, thenpassed the semi-final and into the UK final. Alas we didn’t win, but what a great photo this is…

Hard Rock Cafe

Olympic Park stage

And then out of the blue, there it was. We were selected toplay at the Olympics and Paralympics by the Teenage Rampage Foundation. What an excellent stage! We’ve also enjoyed a couple of DJ sets at Kerrang! Klub, London.  We closed 2012 with our very first Unplugged Tour, with a stripped down sound.  It was really different to the usual set, and it was great to be joined by Stacey Douglas from Anima on acoustic guitar and Sophie Haynes on the cello. We have a couple of recordings too so hopefully we can get them online soon.

We don’t have any shows lined up right now while we are working on new releases. The best thing to do though is to join our mailinglist to know first! Fill in the form above or email us at

Your support is massively appreciated. Please spread the word xx