You Did It! 100%

YEY! You did it! ❤️ With your generosity and support the Pledge album campaign just hit 100% with 45 days remaining! Thank you! This totally rocks and proves without a doubt that we really do have the best friends and supporters. The costs of releasing and promoting an album are high, but your pledges have meant that a good chunk of this is covered. Thank you so much.

The battle is far from over though. ‘Valley of Thorns’ is through the first level, but your help is needed to take it to the rock charts. Your pre-orders are helping to build a great promotional campaign for the debut album, and importantly get it heard. It can’t be done without you. There’s loads of exclusives and goodies that won’t be repeated, so if you haven’t already, please check it out at xx

It’s Finally Happened!

Yes!!!! It’s happened! I’ve just signed a world wide record deal with Cargo Records for the debut album!  Not just this, but they’ve actually signed my record label, Criminal Records! It’s totally huge. “Valley of Thorns” will release on FRIDAY 13th APRIL.  Cargo have worked on a ton of awesome releases including The White Stripes, Jonny Rotten’s PIL, The Black Keys and Brian Jonestown Massacre to name just a few!  We’ve joined forces with Pledge Music to help do our bit.  There’s Signed Limited Edition CD Digipacks available exclusively for Pledgers, signed vinyl and plenty of exclusives and bundles.  Check out all the info at , but what can I say, it’s incredible news! It’s an absolute dream come true to sign with Cargo. They are super passionate about their artists – truly one of the UK’s finest. The debut has been a long time coming, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!  Big thanks to Jeroen and Zoltan for the cover art.  Please lend your support and help to chart ‘Valley of Thorns’.  Please know, that I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you and your support. I massively appreciate it and am forever grateful. YOU ROCK xxx

2018 Kicks off With a Bang!

A huge thank you to everyone who made it to our London headline show with the Camden Rocks Team. First show of the year, and what a great one it was!  Thank you to The Lounge for accommodating the event after it was moved.  I’m also delighted to be able to let you all know we’ve been booked for the lineups of Camden Rocks Festival, where we’ll play The Monarch, Camden at 2pm on Saturday 2nd June, and Amplified Festival, Gloucestershire, where we’ll be hitting the Main Stage on Friday 6th July.  We absolutely can’t wait!  We’ve also got a good few dates making their way in now, so 2018, it’s on.

We’ve also been working on a new music video! We played ‘Mind Games’ throughout the tour, and it went down a storm.  So much so, that it’s going to be the next single, and we headed over to Cardiff to shoot the video the day after our London show. The video is a collaboration between directors Mike Gripz and Canz Rickman, and we can’t wait for you to see it.  So, on that note, I’ve got a big announcement to make in the next few days.  Please watch this place and expect some live announcements on social media!


‘I Want You Maniac’ makes the UK Songwriting Contest Finals

INCREDIBLE!!!! I’ve finished as a FINALIST in the UK Songwriting Contest YEAH!!! I would like to thank the legendary judges who voted for ‘I Want You Maniac’ by yours truly Princess Maha, giving it an overall of 9/10 in the ROCK category. It’s a huge honour for The Kut and I’m absolutely over the moon. Although I wasn’t an overall winner, I’ve won some sweet prizes, one of which is going straight up in the studio!! The UK Songwriting Competition runs in association with The BRIT Trust, so this is such a huge accreditation for me – entering as just one songwriter out of thousands of entrants (many of whom I love and are going right on my playlist). I was blown away to even make the semi-finals, but this is just incredible news and the icing on the cake! So a HUGE thank you.  I would like to give a massive shout out to Alison Wood and Violet Stow, for their fantastic instrumentation on the record… I Want You Maniac wasn’t even a track when I booked studio time with producer, James LeRock Loughrey.. but I put down the guitars and freestyled some vocals and lead a night or two before, as a surprise Halloween track! I just hoped the girls would get time to put drums and bass down around it, although they’d never heard it before. In fact I think all I said was I was after a horror-pop vibe and went to get a sandwich.. well they totally smashed it on the record and it has become one of my favourite live tracks. I’ve loved playing it out on the road these past few years – big love Diana Bartmann, Stella Vie, Hannah Cooper, Dany Bass, Lauren O’Donnell, Jennifer Sanin and to all the talented musicians who have performed this one out with me. It’s great to be bringing this home to you all.  Thank you to all the judges – some of the best professionals in the business including Platinum, Gold, Grammy, Emmy, CMA and BRIT Award winning professionals such as top producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Robbie Williams, Oasis), Multi Platinum number one hit songwriter Shelly Peiken, renowned musical director and BRIT Award winner Simon Ellis, top producer and arranger Richard Niles (Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Take That, Mariah Carey), Double Grammy and Emmy winner @Kipper Eldridge CMA Award winning country star Lucie Diamond, number one hit songwriter @Mark Cawley, Oscar nominated TV and Film Composer Jamie Serafi Pianist/Saxophonist, Composer/Arranger & Choir Director, and UKSC winner and Platinum Album artist @Natalie Chua. It’s absolutely amazing news to end 2017 with. Thank you all so much for being a huge part of this award. You truly rock my world!


What a year! 2017

This time last year, I was blown away as we prepared for our first ever international tour! It was a dream come true! Since then we’ve toured in SIX countries and generally toured as much as possible, with long stints that sure turned a few heads! In this last 12 months time we’ve got to see so many of you at the shows and met so many new amazing people! So a huge THANK YOU to everyone online, at home in the UK and out in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and The Netherlands for rocking our world. 2017 is not quite done yet, but THANK YOU for making it such a kick-ass year! 2018 has lots of exciting things to follow, including some brilliant festivals.  I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without your support – and me and the awesome musicians I perform with, we all have nothing but big love for you. YOU ROCK! Also special shout outs go to the UK Songwriting Contest for shortlisting ‘I Want You Maniac’ in the Semi-Finals, and to all the amazing venues, festivals, press and radio who have helped us get the word out this last few months. This includes The Guardian and Metro who made our shows top picks while we toured, Kerrang! who gave us Breakthrough act for 2017 and BBC Music Introducing who have been supporting us through BBC Radio Lancashire since 2014.  It was amazing to end the year’s gigs on such a high too, at Hard Rock Hell. It was amazing to meet so many of you there! Looking forward, 2018 is going to be all about the album.. it’s been a very long time coming, and sure, I made a lot of mistakes… but it’s all a learning curve. I’ve been singing and playing guitar, bass, drums and basically anything that makes a sound for as long as I remember.. later finding my way to setting up an independent label, Criminal Records, in my bedroom, and the rest is history. So having things come together so strongly this year has been the sign! 2018 is the year that the debut album needs to be released! Wish us luck! Wishing you all an amazing holiday season and see you on the other side xx


✭ ✭ Our Tour Video Is Here ✭ ✭

We really wanted to put together something for everyone who has been supporting us, to say THANK YOU and also to show you how far we’ve come thanks to that support. So while we were touring, we headed to Toolmakers Studio in Sheffield and recorded a live track / video of a brand new song, ‘Runaways’. I wrote it just before the tour, and we played it at every tour date this summer, so it was definitely the right one for it. The idea was to mix this video up with footage from each of the tour dates. It’s taken a while to put this video together, but now it’s done! Yey! Thank you to everyone who filmed and contributed footage for it and of course to Nathan at Toolmakers. We hope you love it!


Incoming Photo Tour Diary

THANK YOU for an incredible UK Tour  This last few weeks we’ve mainly been getting back in the swing of the everyday.  Looking back, it was totally epic, and we are missing everyone who joined us – our road family. You totally smashed it! Now, we’ve got a Tour Photo Diary coming, exclusively as a gift to our mailing list. If you were at the shows you are probably in it! Sign up at and you’ll get a free download too. Big love 💖#TeamRazorsRule. Thanks to Craig at Digichemistry for this great pic – taken as part of our interview for Cardiff’s ‘Women in Music Week’ documentary xx


The UK Tour Is Over, And It Totally Rocked!

THE TOUR IS OVER!!! What can I say, when we set off on the road we could have never have expected just how INCREDIBLE the last few weeks would be. We played 21 shows over 24 days, and you just BLEW US AWAY at every single one. You invaded the stage whenever barriers allowed (20 times actually!!), gave us sometimes up to 4 encores (!), you sold out our CDs (! yet again) and generally made us feel like every location was our hometown! THANK YOU <3 But it’s not even the half of it. We actually couldn’t thank you enough. We’ve had the time of our lives thanks to YOU – you totally smashed it. So, big love to EVERYONE who made it to our tour dates – friends, fans, new friends – to those who liked our posts on social media, or shared out the news – YOU ROCK <3 Thank you to Jeroen Jacobs for these amazing photos from Rebellion Festival, Empress Ballroom.

I’d like to shout out all the brilliant venues, festivals and promoters who booked us and made it all happen.. the engineers who made it all go on the night.. Marshall Amplification, Boss FX and Vocalzone who all endorse me and kept it all sounding lush, everyone who sorted us out for accommodation, welcomed us, looked after us, fed us, watered us, hung out with us, photographed us, filmed us, interviewed us, played us on the radio, even recorded us <3 We’ve also been massively privileged to share the stage with so many exciting bands!  Keep doing what you are doing and keep us posted <3.  I’d also like to thank Skiddle for being our official ticketing partner and helping us to spread the word \m/ as well as Sean McGinty and Gareth Fletcher at BBC Introducing, The Guardian and The Metro for featuring our tour dates with such high esteem, and keeping the good news coming in.  Also, a big thank you to UK Songwriting Contest, because the news about I Want You Maniac being shortlisted couldn’t have been better timed <3

It was amazing to spend so much time with the girls. On stage and off stage Diana Bartmann and Stella Vie absolutely rocked this tour.  It’s been great to be in such awesome company: Two super talented and driven musicians, who are exactly the right concoction of professionalism and fun. There’s no egos, we are just down for the music. This is the fourth full tour Diana and I have rocked, and every time it’s just bigger and better <3 Here’s to many more babe.  Although it’s the first tour we’ve played with Stella Vie, it feels like we’ve all known each other for so long now. No tension, all good times. It’s been so much fun, as well as really special that we could all rock this together! Big love ladies. You totally nailed it and I’m really proud of you both <3
I’d also like to give a very special shout out to our super amazing Krew <3 As the tour was coming together, I was soon realising that it would be crazy to do it in my car like last year.  It’s been kind of insane how we are all very different, but somehow jelled together like 6 planets orbiting a musical sun. I’d like to shout out three legends who made this tour an experience like no other.  We’ve got so much love and respect for you guys. I still can’t think how we ever managed such a big tour without you. You ROCK.
Jayke Turl – Guest Guitarist, Tour Driver, Strongman, Legend – definitely check out The Last Siren folks – You saved our lives on a daily basis. Onstage you were on fire, off stage you were a machine! I’m predicting big things for you Jayke. It’s pretty rare to find so much awesome rolled into one person. On every level, just legendary. Go get ‘em!
Jeroen Jacobs – Photographer Extraordinaire (aka Paparazzi) – your photos are on fire Jeroen. I love watching you catch them out of the sky. Who would have thought that our chat at @The Kinky Star, Belgium would have ended up here. You rock and I hope it’s not too long before we see you again! Everyone go check Jeroen Jacobs Photo Projects.
Graham – Merch Machine / Super Fan / Hero (aka Houdini) – XD I’ve never known someone to vanish so many times in such a short space of time. You’ve been a heap of fun to hang out with. Who would have known that me not being able to find the t-shirt size you wanted 18 months ago would have ended up with you running away on tour with us to run our Merch like an actual shop! Impressive!

Check Out Our Summer Tour Promo!


We’ve wanted to get a live footage promo together for a while. A big thank you to all the people who contributed to this video. We can’t wait for the tour at this point. Advance tickets are highly recommended, and also enter you for a competition! There’s also a great article up on Skiddle – check it out!

We’re Going On Tour!!

We are absolutely over the moon to announce our Summer UK Tour. We are heading around the UK for 21 dates and we hope to see YOU there! Thank you so much to Zoltan Kiss for this epic artwork, and for Skiddle for becoming our official ticketing partner! Check out all the events and info that’s making it’s way into our listings above, or on their website at  All events are now listed on Skiddle except our festival shows at Rebellion Festival, Blackpool and RedFest, Bristol.

Summer Tour 2017

We are about to announce our Summer Tour, and it’s an absolute stormer! We’ll be making an announcement very soon, but if you aren’t already, sign up to our mailing list to get the news first!

The Spring Tour is Nearly Over! 

We’ve had a great time at the all the shows we’ve played on tour this spring. It was great to see so many of you out in Oxford, London, at Glastonbudget and at Nice n Sleazy Festival after so much travelling abroad.  This totally rocked!  Thank you to Philip Vernon for this great shot at Glastonbudget – it was our third time back this year, and we’ve had a brilliant time each one.  We also massively enjoyed ourselves at Nice n Sleazy Festival.  We wanted to play it for years now, so it was great to be playing and on the Main Stage.  Thank you to Callum Clark for this epic photo.  Also a big thank you to everyone who has made it out to see us.  You rock!  We are now looking forward to heading to Camden Rocks Festival, on Sat 3rd June, where we’ll be playing The Crowndale at 2.30pm.  It’s yet another excellent line up, and we are delighted to be back!

RSD 2017 – The Kut EP

Our Record Store Day release is finally here! We were sad to hear that so many of you did not manage to find it on the day! However we have managed to track them down! Hurray! You can get copies from any of these links – [ Resident Music | ] [ Juno Records| ] [ Cargo Direct | ] [ From Amazon Sellers –  This link will now take you to other sellers who have the EP listed | ] The vinyl is limited to just 500 copies, and features I Want You Maniac, Bad Man (edit), I Don’t Need Therapy and Mario.  Thank you to everyone who sent photos! We’ve been loving seeing them!


Honey, we’re home!

We had a truly epic time on our away leg of the Spring Tour.  It was amazing heading through and playing in so many countries with the girls.  Six in total! Thank you to everyone who made it to the shows and showed us how you rock in Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands! You totally smashed it.  Thank you for all the support this side too, it made a big difference and lifted our spirits for our long journeys – approximately 3,000km in total across 7 days.  We’ve got a healthy list of gigs and festivals coming up, and we hope to see you at some of them very soon.  Thanks to Jeroen Jacobs for this cool photo in Belgium.

The Kut Tour Belgium

Kerrang! Record Store Day Feature

IT’S HUGE!!! The legends at Kerrang! Magazine have featured us in their best ten rock records to get your hands on on Record Store Day 2017    We are TOTALLY blown away!! The Kut EP is featured at number 4 and amongst some incredible releases by bands we love! This truly ROCKS. Go and grab yourself a copy or five, and check out all the great rock releases to bag on 22.4.17 – The Kerrang! list includes releases by Mallory Knox, Baby Metal, Bullet For My Valentine, Pearl Jam, Ginger Wildheart, Gerard Way and more!!! Soooooo much love for this!! Our limited edition picture disc comes out on the big day through Criminal Records / Cargo Records xx


New Release!! Record Store Day 2017

Yey! We are releasing The Kut EP exclusively for Record Store Day 2017 #RSD17 (Criminal Records / Cargo Records).  It will be available in participating independent record stores on Saturday 22nd April : )  We are super happy! It’s a huge honour to be among so many great artists, supporting independent music stores around the UK and the world.  The record itself is a 7″ vinyl picture disc, limited to 500 copies worldwide.  The EP features the fantastic artwork by Zoltan Kiss, that was the face of our Summer 2016 Tour poster, as well as now on the front of my Marshall Amplifier.  Please support us and ask your local record store to get it in from Cargo if they aren’t already.  The catalogue number is KUT101, and we really think it lives up to this name!  The picture disc features ‘I Want You Manic’, ‘Bad Man (edit)’, ‘I Don’t Need Therapy’ and ‘Mario’.  Check out the full list of Record Store Day releases at  There’s some absolute gems on that list xx 7 Picture Disc [GD17PD]

We’re going on Tour!! Playing Six Countries!! : O

We are delighted to announce we are going on our second ever international tour! It’s a big one too.  We’ll be heading to Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and The Netherlands for the first time ever, and also heading back to Germany and of course hitting the UK. So that’s six countries this April!  We are massively excited!


The Kut - London 18.3.17

We’re on the Kerrang! Magazine Breakout Stars of 2017 List

We are absolutely stoked and delighted to announce – the legends at Kerrang! Magazine have featured The Kut in their BREAKOUT STARS OF 2017 LIST!  The Fresh Blood 2017 Special, features “the 60 best rock bands” to check out this year. Needless to say, we are bouncing off the walls over this. We are totally honoured!! Pick up a copy or five!  A big THANK YOU to Kerrang! – 2017 has officially kicked off #TeamRazors 


Germany Officially Rocked And We’re Going Back!

We had an absolutely amazing time in Germany! We loved every single show and meeting so many of you out there.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to support us  – including some special guests from the UK! You ROCK! It was such a great trip thanks to our incredible agent Mario, and all the wonderful promoters and venues who hosted the shows. Thank you to the girls too, for being such legends on stage and off. It’s been an amazing year of gigging – and it’s been incredible to end the year on such a high. THANK YOU to everyone who has come out to support us in any way this year. You’ve made it massively special. We look forward to seeing you for more tour dates in 2017. Being The Kut’s first international tour, it was some really big news to bring home to you, and we are delighted it went so well.  We are now working on a short Tour Diary to give you all the info.  Make sure you are signed up to the Mailing List to get a copy. On the back of this tour, we’ve been offered a longer tour for April 2017.  We cannot wait!


We’re playing Camden Rocks Festival 2017

We are delighted to announce that Camden Rocks have just included us in the first announcement for 2017.  We are delighted to be playing again this year.  We had such a blast last year, and this year looks like a really strong line up already.  Get your tickets now!


Check out my new Marshall rig! 

I’m so delighted to finally be able to show you my brand new Design Shop head and cab from Marshall.  Marshall have been absolute legends to me, and were so kind to loan me a guitar amp for our huge UK Tour while this beauty was being made.  I had an amazing time at Marhsall HQ too – they’ve got a lot of great rock history in there.  So here it is – it’s one beautiful sounding JVM410H with the 1936 cab.  I’ve been so inspired since I collected it.  It has such a great tone and captures all I loved from the JCM800 Head.  I look forward to be taking her along to our upcoming Camden Rocks Festival show on December 10th.


Germany Tour Dates Announced

We are stoked to be able to be finally telling you the news – we hinted to it in the tour diary, but it’s happening! We are playing Germany this December!  It’s the first time we’ve had an international band tour, and we absolutely can’t wait.  We head to play Hameln, Mannheim, Cologne and Stuttgart between the 19th and 22nd December.  It’s also a big of an introductory run of dates, so if all goes well we’ll be doing a longer tour across Europe next year.  Exciting times!  We are also happy to report – the album is very near to done, and we look forward to reaching out to see how and when this will be released. It’s been a lot of work getting it there, but seeing it near to ready has been really incredible.  It’s also sounding exactly as we hoped.  We can’t wait for you all to hear the brand new tracks on it too, when it drops, including Mind Games, X-Ray Eyes and Love In The Rush Hour.  We have high hopes for 2017, but first we are looking forward to kicking out 2016 with a bang.

Forthcoming Shows & Tour Diary

We are delighted to announce, that we were in the first announcement for Rebellion Festival, 2017, and are heading to play the main stage!  We had an excellent time at Rebellion this year during the tour, and cannot wait to be back.  It’s a killer line up so far and we hope to see you there.  We have also been added to the bill of Nice n Sleazy, Morecambe, for our first ever time.  This is great and welcome news, and we are really looking forward to a kick ass 2017.  It’s not all 2017 news though.  Before the year is out, we have been added to another couple of great bills. On Friday 25th November, we will take part in an open audition for Glastonbudget 2017 – held at The Shed, Leicester.  We are also thrilled to finally announce, we will be headlining the Camden Rocks Xmas All-Dayer on Saturday 10th December.  This will be held at Proud, Camden.  We really wanted one more big London show this side of 2017, so we are so happy to deliver with this great event.  We look forward to seeing you all there at these shows.

The Tour Diary is ready too! Initially we had an issue with our mail system – essentially it’s just got a bit too big for our server  – which is bad but at the same time great – thank you!  But all the tour diaries have now been emailed to you – all 50 pages! Thank you so much for all the messages about it.

Thank You! You Just Smashed It!

Wow. We have been incredibly blown away by all your reactions to the tour.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it out to support us and made your home towns our home town for just one night. We set out to play 30 dates across the UK, and thanks to you, we loved every minute. Ok, not every minute, but the great proportion and definitely the shows themselves were all amazing. Thank you to everyone who came out or to those supporting, sharing and liking online to help  us out.  We are so happy that you all loved the new tracks too.  We really enjoyed playing ‘If Looks Could Kill’, ‘Don Juan’ and ‘Burn Your Bridges’ across the tour dates.  We are now back in London and working on 1) trying to cope with reality again and 2) our DIY tour diary, which will be sent out to all mailing list subscribers, along with some of our favourite live videos in the next couple of weeks.  Our complete merch inventory is looking incredibly low too –  thank you!  Some of this we are more emotional about than others, our 2015 Rock Paper Scissors EP was a great milestone for us, and we will be sad to see it go.  If you want any of our merch items, please head to – as we are not sure if / when any of these will be repeated.  In any case, it looks like the album might have to be be sooner than we thought.  Big love to you for stopping by and thank you for making our tour incredible!

Tour Announcement!

That’s it, we are officially heading out of London for a full month of touring. We are going to be hitting it hard for 30 dates straight and travelling to some of the best venues around the UK. We really hope to see you there.  There’s links under most all of the events, and we recommend you check those out for updates on specific shows. Thank you for all the support, and we hope to see you on the road very soon xx

Kerrang! Magazine Premiere ‘Bad Man’

It’s on! Our Bad Man music video is finally out and now premiering at Kerrang! Magazine. Check it out! We are also really thrilled to say the track was played on Kerrang! Radio by Johnny Doom last night, as well as featured on BBC Introducing Lancashire, where we will be heading for an interview on July 16th.  Please keep up with the shares and support online, it really does help us to get the word out.  We hope you love the video and new single

Summer UK Tour Announced

We are really massively happy to say we are going on a huge UK tour. It’s the biggest of our career yet, and we really can’t wait. We’ve tried to get as close to the places you’ve been requesting for some time now. Thanks a bunch! We hope to see you all on the road. Please help to spread the word by joining in with our social media, over at and Thank you to Zoltan Kiss for this epic artwork <3 We love it!

The Kut Summer Tour 2016 Final Web Version

Camden Rocks Festival

We had a great time over at Camden Rocks Festival. It’s really given us that hunger for the tour now too. We caught up with Alt Corner for a quick interview – check it out here

Camden Rocks & Rebellion Festival

We are thrilled to be able to finally announce, we are on the bill for Camden Rocks Festival and Rebellion Festival.  These are both excellent festivals with really strong line ups, and add to our excitement over the other great shows we’ve been added to this month.  We hope to see you there!  Check out the flyer, designed by the talented Zoltan Kiss.   We know there are still a lot of locations missing, but we promise to be touring extensively in August, so please watch this space.  The release date for our Bad Man single and video is about to drop any time now, and the new tracks are nearing the mix stage.  It’s all go <3 xx

KUT JPEG low res

Metal Hammer

After the high that was Camden Barfly with Camden Rocks Festival, we are delighted to announce we are in the brand new edition of Metal Hammer, cover date 29th March.  To celebrate we have a ton of new show dates to announce.  The Bad Man video is finally finished, and we will be announcing its release very soon!  Next week we head back into the studio to finish off some new recordings too, so it’s all go!  We hope to see you out at the shows, we’ve even got a one min promo! Check it out xx

Bad Man

We have artwork – thank you to Jonathan Singleton. We love it!  Bad Man is soon to be released as our final single from our Rock Paper Scissors EP.  It’s been amazing touring it, and we can only hope you can all remember the words. If not, we asked for them to be on the cover <3 We are also really happy to be heading back to Barfly on Saturday 19th March, thanks to the Camden Rocks team. We last played Barfly on our London headline show on  the Love Hate Vampire Shotgun System Circus tour. It was a kick ass night and one of our first sold out events!  Camden quite literally rocks! We hope you can make it down. We hit the stage at 9pm.

bad man cover

Happy New Year!

2015, what a year!  Now that 2016 is here, we are really happy to announce we’ve got a load of new music getting ready to make it’s way out.  We are back in the studio this month with James Lerock Loughrey, and finally our ‘Bad Man’ video is close to finished! Exciting times!  The video has been a while coming, but we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.  We’ve already got some really exciting shows on and in the working too, so we hope to see you there. Anyhow, keep an eye out for when Bad Man drops.  We’ll be inboxing you with the news <3

What an amazing tour! Thank you!

We kicked off the second leg of our ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ tour in August, and wow, thank you! We loved every single show, all 17 of them.  We have been really overwhelmed with your support, a good number of you heading to more than one show too. This rocks <3  We’ve got a load of pictures up on Facebook, including everything from the hometown smash at the Underworld Camden with Teenage Bottlerock, to stage invasion Hull and the very last show in the NE, it was all epic, electric.  Thank you!  We’ve had a great time out on the road, and now we are back in the studio, getting ready for the next record.   Right now, it’s all about the studio until the NY hits.. Let’s do this!

Download Festival

We were totally over the moon to have the opportunity to play at Download Festival for the first time ever! Not only this amazing buzz, but when we arrived home, Download had announced a poll for the best bands on the ‘Dog’s Bed Stage’. We are delighted to announce, that we won this vote, alongside one other band. This means we will be getting some sweet new gear from Yamaha! We are thrilled, and thank you to everyone who made the show and voted for us. We were super amazed to have such a big turnout for a set that was only announced with hours notice. This rocks. You rock <3

Kerrang! Premiere our ‘I Don’t Need Therapy’ Video

Our ‘I Don’t Need Therapy’ music video is here and premiering via Kerrang! Magazine. We hope you can all get onto the site and check it out! 
We are also delighted to announce that it has been added to the playlist of Scuzz TV. We are over the moon and this makes it our fifth video to be playlisted. We couldn’t thank them enough for all their support.
We’ve been loving meeting you all out on the road at the gigs and hope to see you at all the upcoming shows!  Also keep an eye on our social pages for updates at @thekutgirlsrock and but for the best info, join our mailing list 😉 xx
Our Rock Paper Scissors EP is out now!
A huge shout out to everyone who has been supporting us and our music, and that means YOU.  2014 was an amazing year for us and we are really happy to be bringing out the Rock Paper Scissors EP already for 2015. Please keep on doing what you are doing ~ all the shares, likes, plays and of course downloads and CD sales, help us keep doing what we do. We really couldn’t do it without your support, so thank you! A big shout out to Scuzz, Kerrang! BBC Introducing, Planet Rock, MTV-U, AXS, Kerrang! Radio and everyone who is getting our music out there. You all rock <3 xxx  Produced by James LeRock Loughrey. Cover art by Luke Sayer.


Alekhine’s Gun is basically about standing up against the odds and staying strong in the face of huge adversities. We’ve all been there. Sometimes life has far more to throw at you than you are prepared for or willing to take on, but it’s just coming back from that and realising that you don’t have to harden up to the world to survive. It’s coming from the point of near break down and saying – stay strong, don’t let them change you and be true to yourself and you can still get through it.  We wanted it to be that track that would empower someone to survive as who they are.

The name is taken from a chess move named after a powerful winning manoeuvre in a 1930s championship game. It’s a famous game where the queen and the rooks form a strong assault against the king.  I used to be a chess player when I was younger. Actually I came 2nd place the NW England under 16s championship at the age of 11. The title seemed to fit on a lot of fronts.

The video is pretty cool too. The back-story to the video is not seen, but there is a girl who has love history with two best friends.  Having cheated in the past, she marries one of the guys, her partner. However, on their wedding day, the groom kidnaps the bride and his best friend and takes them to the forest. The two guys then hold a chess match to the death – her ex lover has no choice because if he doesn’t play the girl will die.  We didn’t want to trivialise the track.  Basically people go through terrible things that we don’t see in their facebook feeds and twitter posts. The track is talking about those things and fighting through impossibly difficult circumstances. You don’t have to come out of those things stronger, but if you can just come through them alive then that is already a huge achievement.

The Kut by Joe Brady

Photography by Joe Brady

I Want You Maniac

I Want You Maniac is our Halloween single.. We’ve always wanted to put one out, it’s always been our rock Christmas. It was the right track for us to celebrate it with… It was awesome working with James in the studio again, and the video was a lot of fun to make as well… We envisioned it as a zombie version of pet cemetery..

“Produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred / White Zombie / Sonic Boom Six / My Vitriol), The Kut -‘I Want You Maniac’ is an upbeat, grunge fused horror-rock track taken from the bands forthcoming EP. As a quick follow up to their ‘Make Up’ EP, it has been good news that the band is back in the studio so soon, especially given what spanned a near 3 year hiatus.”


‘Make Up’ EP – Released August 2014

It was such a long time coming with the EP. We made some mistakes and we didn’t release any music for a while, but we are setting it right now. We dedicate the Make Up EP to everyone who stuck with us and helped us get there in the end with recording new music.  We certainly had fun breaking into buildings and rampaging over London to make Mario, and it was great to work with director Mike Gripz on the video. In the studio, producer James LeRock Loughrey was a legend to work with. We already knew about him from his work with Skindred, White Zombie and My Vitriol, so it was an honour to work with him on the new EP. It’s fair to say, 2014 was our biggest year ever and thank you to everyone who supported us in the MTV Brand New Poll and got us into the winning spots. We couldn’t thank you all enough.  We were totally overwhelmed with the reaction to No Trace, particularly from Scuzz, Alex Baker at Kerrang! Radio and BBC Introducing. We’ve got more tunes on the way and are planning dates to get back in the studio very soon.  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and fighting with us. #TEAM RAZORS – we love you